Important Information

*All sample classes will give a snapshot of what fall classes will be like

​*Dress Code:  Moveable clothing should be worn that allows the ankle to be seen and mid-drift covered.  Bare-feet or dance shoes are accepted for all classes.  If shorts are worn, tights should be worn under

​*Paid registration guarantees a place in the class.  Parent/Guardian signature is required

Sample Camp

Preschool:  5pm-6pm      $16

        (1 day)  Thurs.

K-2nd:  5pm-6pm      $48

       (3 days)   Mon., Tues., Wed.

4th and older:  6pm-7pm     $63

      (4 days)  Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.

3rd     (4 days) $59

      Mon. 6pm-7pm  Tues. & Wed. 5pm-6pm Thurs. 6pm-6:30pm

Registration and payment due by June 14

  *need 4 students to hold class


June 26-29

July 11-13 & 18-20 Intensive

July 25-27 Lectures

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Summer Intensive

July 11: Ballet            5pm-7pm     $30

July 12: Jazz               5pm-7pm     $30

July 13: Lyrical          5pm-7pm    $30

July 18: Tap              5pm-6pm    $20

July 18: Clogging     6pm-7pm    $20

July 19: Hip-Hop     5pm-7pm    $30

July 20: Modern     5pm-7pm    $30

Summer Lecture

July 25: History of Dance                 5pm-6pm    $16

July 27: Anatomy of a Dancer        5pm-6pm    $16

July 29: Nutrition/Cross Training   5pm-6pm    $16

          If take all 3       $45

Classes are for students going into the 4th grade and up

​ Registration and payment due by  June 28, July 12 

*need 4 students to hold class