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Important Tuition Information:

Payments due by the 10th of each month

*Payments by monthly bank withdrawals 

*Venmo payments require a 2%           processing fee (use for costumes only)

*$30 non-refundable registration fee

​*Tuition is a monthly fee based on weekly hours of class

​*Each student totaled individually

​*Tax included

*​5% discount when paying annually (must be paid in full by Sept. 10)

*10% late fee (10th-20th) 20% (21st-31st) after that no dancing until both months are paid for in full with late fees

​*$25 returned check fee

30 minutes$42
1 hour$63
1.5 hours$79
2 hours$100
2.5 hours$117
3 hours$131
3.5 hours$146
4 hours$161
4.5 hours$173
5 hours$184
6 hours$205